Congratulations to White Buffalo Aboriginal and Métis Health Society

Kamloops, BC – BC Métis Federation continues to support building strong relationships with partner communities and organizations throughout British Columbia. BC Métis Federation has maintained our commitment to fulfilling the role of being a provincial policy and advocacy political Métis representative organization, not involved in direct service delivery.

To assist this vision one of the service delivery partners is the White Buffalo Aboriginal and Métis Health Society (White Buffalo) in Kamloops. The agency serves hundreds of Métis and off reserve Aboriginal individuals seeking support in the areas of mental health, addictions, and family services. BC Métis Federation and White Buffalo signed an agreement to work together in 2012 and the relationship has enabled BC Métis Federation to advocate and support White Buffalo programming. In return White Buffalo has invited BC Métis Federation to participate in local cultural events and shared information about the BC Métis Federation as part of their services.

White Buffalo has released their 2014-2015 Executive Report in conjunction with their Annual General Meeting and BC Métis Federation is sharing with members to increase information and awareness.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Thank you to White Buffalo for sharing this extensive Executive Report. This report is an example of Métis best practices in terms of how service delivery organizations serving our members and the broad Aboriginal community should report publicly on an annual basis. This transparency enables our political leadership to advocate Provincial and Federal Government policies and programs for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized Métis and Aboriginal people in Kamloops and area through the services at White Buffalo. It is no secret that this organization faced serious operational issues in past years and to see this growth and success is exciting.”

BC Métis Federation President concluded, “Our role and vision has been to enable and/or support service delivery through agencies committed to serving our membership. Therefore, thank you to White Buffalo Executive Director Jeanie Cardinal and her staff for the work to assist Métis people through the challenging service delivery areas and mental health and family supports. Thank you to the White Buffalo board members for their ongoing dedication and commitment. I appreciated the acknowledgement on page 17 for my brief contributions to the society and clearly White Buffalo continues to grow and build an excellent service delivery agency for our members in Kamloops and area! Excellent results!”

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