Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau In Jail and Out of Caucus

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau was incarcerated earlier today for allegations of a domestic violence. This comes in the wake of an investigation into his Senate expenses that focus on a claim for a primary residence that was allegedly on reserve from 2004-2008. Today the Conservative Party has kicked him out of their caucus.

Senator Brazeau has been very public about his criticisms of Idle No More and Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike. BC Metis Federation finds this situation ironic given what the Senator has attacked in his role as Senator. More importantly BC Metis Federation further considers his alignment with the Conservative party over the years.

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Brazeau was removed from the caucus on Thursday, the prime minister confirmed in the House of Commons.
“I think that it’s known that in light of the serious events that have been reported today, I have removed Senator Brazeau from the Conservative caucus,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said during question period.

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