Daniels Forum – One Of The Most Misunderstood Cases

(Burnaby, BC) BC Métis Federation leadership was pleased to host a forum for members and the public on Sunday, May 1st at the Hilton Hotel in Burnaby. There was a strong turnout of BC Métis Federation members and friends from many areas of British Columbia. BC Métis Federation also provided the forum live on the Métis Coffee Talk site which is now available to watch in 2 segments. The recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling in the Daniels Case has become the #1 priority for Métis in British Columbia and Canada. The case has created significant interest and many questions for the Métis and Non Status Indians throughout Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Métis and Non Status Indians are in fact included in Section 91 (24) of the Constitution of 1867. While another important legal milestone in Canada for Métis, there is much confusion.

Métis lawyer Bruce McIvor was invited to present during the forum given his significant experience regarding Constitutional law and specifically his work litigating Aboriginal rights and title. Bruce shared a practical assessment about the Daniels case and created discussions for Métis people to consider for the future.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “This was an important conversation and Bruce clarified what the case may or may not mean. We are trying to have practical conversations in the communities and with our members as there are several inaccurate views and assessments about what the Daniels Case actually means. What we know today is that this case was another important step but we need to define what we think it means for our communities and members. BC Métis Federation leadership is working on an action plan to set out our expectations for the Government of Canada and we will work hard to prepare for the future. I look forward to further follow up with communities throughout BC as we help people understand what this case is about, not the political agendas for a few organizations and media misinformation. Therefore, I strongly encourage everyone who was unable to attend to watch the full forum on our website to better understand. Thank you Harry Daniels.”


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