Dawson Creek Métis Federation Continues Momentum with BC Métis Federation

(Dawson Creek, BC) The BC Métis Federation President Mr. Keith Henry was joined by a number of the board and other members to celebrate the most recent signing of the newest Statement of Cooperation with the Dawson Creek Métis Federation (DCMF). The signing was witnessed by several Métis community members as DCMF become the ninth (9) Métis organization in British Columbia to signal their recognition and support to work together with the BC Métis Federation.

DCMF President Robert Sloan and executive committee member Rodney Lambert discussed the future of the Métis community in Dawson Creek and it was clear that there was a need for DCMF to move forward to better serve the Métis people of Dawson Creek much better. DCMF is recently formed in response to the lack of any functional Métis community organization in Dawson Creek. DCMF has approximately 40 members has formed a nonprofit society to supporting the needs of Métis people in the Dawson Creek area.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “I am very thankful to the DCMF leaders for taking this brave step forward with our BC Métis Federation team. We continue to grow support and DCMF joins a number of other Métis communities who want to move forward in a new way for Métis people in BC, one that puts Métis culture and community needs as the priority above all else.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “DCMF leadership wants to see real support for their community. They want to see their elders taken better care of, increase cultural support, ensure their community has a voice with industry, real economic development opportunities, and most importantly they want transparency and accountability in a provincial organization. Today the track record and actions of the BC Métis Federation reassures their leadership and members that they can trust the BC Métis Federation. ”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “BC Métis Federation continues to build partnerships and relationships and thank you to the DCMF leadership for your trust and support to work cooperatively for the future. This is another legitimate society determined to work shoulder to shoulder to fight for our Métis culture and community needs. Together we will make a difference.”

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