Disappointing Meeting with BC Construction Association

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation met with an official from the BC Construction Association on Wednesday. Judging by the conversation, the BC Construction Association seems unwilling to facilitate dialogue leading to partnership between their industry members and BC Métis Federation partner communities.

From the tone of the conversation it appears the BC Construction Association has no concept of meaningful social engagement and the importance for their industry members. As one example, the BC Construction Industry official stated that Métis communities lack office capacity and that he wouldn’t know who to contact if he wanted to bring information.

The BC Construction Association appears woefully ignorant and dismissive of Métis people and communities and their needs and aspirations. This organization appears to have no desire to foster awareness and mutual respect and recognition and understanding of mutual interests. The leadership of the BC Construction Association appears to be unwilling to facilitate these discussions for their own industry members, many of whom might want to build these relationships.

BC Métis Federation secretary Joe Desjarlais commented; “I attempted to explain to the BC Construction Association official that instead of excuses, we ought to be facilitating opportunities where construction industry member businesses meet Métis community representatives and interested Métis businesses and get to know their needs. I explained that Métis community leaders are the real politicians acting on behalf of their people. The point I made is that business partnerships begin at the community level.”

Judging by this meeting the attitudes expressed by the BC Construction Association representative appear detrimental for business or partnerships to assist cultural education and provide another support for the well being of Métis communities.

The BC Métis Federation encourages our members, businesses and partner communities to carefully consider the importance of meaningful partnerships with any industry or organization. The BC Construction Association representative reflects an all too often attitude to dismiss Métis people and our effort to create new opportunities.

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