Do You Understand Section 35 Métis Rights?

Legal academic John Borrows explores two different dimensions of Métis rights, lecturing on Métis court cases. He raises interesting dialogue around development of Métis identity and various interpretations of Métis rights.

Borrows exploring Powley ruling : “The court says there is a distinctive Métis place in Canada and there actually is a diversity of Métis groups. Now we can find there are other places where there is ethnogenesis. It’s not necessary to show connection to the Red River to claim Métis rights”

Borrows exploring Manitoba Métis Federation land ruling: “the court is not willing to say this is Aboriginal land…” The remedy was only a declaration…nothing in terms of specific on the ground..” “on the ground Metis don’t get an inch of soil back through this declaration.”

Click here to watch Lecture 15: Métis Rights and Identity.

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