Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares


One of the most important issues facing Metis people in BC remains the continued support by MNBC for the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project.  During Metis Coffee Talk moderator and President of the BC Metis Federation Keith Henry provided an overview of a document released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives entitled Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares.  This document took a more in depth review of the alleged Enbridge benefits that have been claimed to garner support.

The BC Metis Federation is sharing this document to ensure Metis people have another perspective to review the alleged benefits being promoted by various MNBC and Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project representatives at this time.  The BC Metis Federation will be making a public position shortly in light of the overwhelming 91% Metis opposition to this project.

[ilink url=”/wp-content/uploads/CCPA.pdf” style=”download”]Enbridge Pipedreams and Nightmares-Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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