Federal Court of Appeal Rules Métis Have Rights

(Vancouver, BC) BC Metis Federation leadership is celebrating the Federal Court of Appeal ruling today in the Daniels Case. In January 2013 the Federal Court ruled that Métis and Non Status Indians have the same rights as “Indians” under the Canadian Constitution in section 91 (24) which provides law to recognize rights of the Métis and Non Status Indians.

Deceased Mètis leader Harry Daniels led the original legal action in the 1999 when he had sought to have the court clarify whether Ottawa or the Provinces were responsible for the more than 600,000 Aboriginal peoples across Canada who are either Metis or live off-reserve. This case was advanced to address issues such as:

  • Access to the same health-care, education and other benefits made available to status Indians;
  • Being allowed to hunt, trap, fish and gather on public lands; and,
  • The ability to negotiate and enter into treaties with the federal government.

The Daniels case also sought a ruling on the Crown’s “fiduciary duty” to Metis and non-status Indians and asked that the court agree that Metis and non-status Indians have the right to be consulted and negotiated with, in good faith, by the federal government on a collective basis through representatives of their choice, respecting all their rights, interests and needs as Aboriginal peoples.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated; “This decision is another major step forward for Métis people in Canada. This is a major victory and want a major step forward. We wrote last January to the Federal Government to proceed with implementing the original Federal Court ruling in the Daniels Case but this was ignored. Now the Métis and Non Status Indians have won again in the court of appeal.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you to the late Harry Daniels and the Congress of Aboriginal People for advancing the rights of Métis people. We expect the Federal Government to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada but as Métis people this is another major next step.”
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