Federal Government and BC Métis Federation Continue Work on Proposed TransMountain Project

(Vancouver, BC) BC Métis Federation continues to establish a strong relationship with the Government of Canada and various Federal Government departments. Last week BC Métis Federation representatives met with a number of Federal Government representatives regarding Kinder Morgan Canada’s (KMC) proposed TransMountain Expansion project. The KMC project is to expand an existing pipeline system to increase petroleum transportation to British Columbia’s coast at the Burnaby facility. 

BC Métis Federation has been in consultation with KMC for the past few years and members continue to be concerned and expressing desire for more input. The National Energy Board (NEB) determined the proposed project was approved subject to conditions released in May 2016. These recent discussions were to provide the Federal Government BC Métis Federation’s position subject to the conditions led by the Major Projects Management Office (MPMO) with support from representatives from the National Energy Board (NEB), Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Transport Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “The position of our organization was made clear. There has been consultation but it is unclear about how the NEB conditions will protect the cultural lifestyles of our members. Since the release of the NEB conditions this past May there has been no new efforts to address our ongoing concerns relative to this project which will impact hundreds of our members.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry added, “Our leadership took steps to further seek input from members and we shared highlights of a recent online survey for members plus reinforced the gap in understanding the impacts to our Métis member given the lack of traditional Métis knowledge considered as part of our expectations for KMC to meaningfully consult.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Our consultation office led by Kelly Davison clearly presented the situation and it is critical to note that the Government of Canada Order in Council will be decided by December 19th. At this time BC Métis Federation has clearly articulated that any decision that will negatively impact Métis cultural practices should not proceed without proper research. We hope this condition will one day be met.”

To view the background materials from this meeting go to the website www.bcmetis.com.


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Encl. Agenda BCMF and CEAA August 11th, 2016
Phase III Consultation Meeting – Round 2 – BC Métis Federation August 11th, 2016

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