Focusing on Media Representation of Métis in B.C.

On June 27th, 2022 BCMF’s Director of Research, Joe Desjarlais shared perspectives on how the national public broadcaster can represent and reflect Métis in British Columbia and their needs, interests and traditions. The Engagement Session, hosted by CBC, included First Nations and Métis people from British Columbia from all walks of life and occupations, including filmmakers, reporters, archivists, policy experts, as well as Indigenous advisors and executives from CBC.


The BC Métis Federation is grateful to have been invited to participate in this important conversation, build relationships, and speak to important actions that CBC could be taking regarding all Métis people in this province. Mr Desjarlais was clear that the current approach is broken for Métis and that a knowledge partnership is required. The government has made vague pan-indigenous promises to include Indigenous voices and content, but this has not translated to proper recognition and meaningful policy for local Métis communities in BC. Métis people and communities with long histories in the Pacific Northwest are erased in CBC content, and have no unique Métis voice.


To learn more, read the full release here.

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