Former MNBC Board Member Henry Hall Resigns

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Métis Federation continues to patiently watch the Métis Nation British Columbia self destruct. This continues in terms of MNBC financial mismanagement, mishandling of Métis consultation in relation to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, increasing MNBC organizational debt and many other issues. True to the characteristics of self destruction another MNBC board member resigned as announced in an MNBC statement (attached) sent yesterday to the Lower Mainland Regional Governance Council only months before his term of MNBC office was to end.

The MNBC board elects 11 members; President, Vice President, Provincial Youth Representative, Provincial Women Representative, and seven Regional Directors based on seven geographic regions. Mr. Henry Hall was elected by a small margin of victory on September 13th, 2008 during the last MNBC General Election as the Lower Mainland Regional Director for a four year term in accordance with the MNBC Constitution. During his time he held an MNBC position responsible for housing and was to chair the Lower Mainland Regional Governance Council meetings.

The BC Métis Federation received information two months ago that Mr. Hall had already informed the MNBC board, or some members, that he was relocating to Manitoba and would be leaving MNBC. The BC Métis Federation wrote to Mr. Hall and the MNBC board on January 3rd to ask for such clarification and there was no response to our request.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “Mr. Hall never showcased respect for the responsibility he had to his constituents in the Lower Mainland if he truly believed in MNBC. Mr. Hall should have been willing to answer questions we raised for the last three years as he was provided Métis public funding for his elected position of over an estimated $150,000.00″

President Henry added, “So what did Métis people of the Lower Mainland get for Mr. Halls expensive services? He did not maintain Lower Mainland Regional Governance Council meetings, he was not accountable, and he voted continually at the MNBC board table with no mandate from the Lower Mainland members on issues that affected their very lives. I am sure he set the tone for other MNBC board members who will all be looking to jump ship with only a few months left in their terms. Why not, there is very little left for wages so why stick around now? The MNBC board certainly will not be in a position to fix the financial mess so what is next?”

President Henry concluded, “Sadly Mr. Hall could not even find the time to write a thank you letter to acknowledge the leaders or members in the Lower Mainland region he allegedly represented, people that at one time voted for him. Instead a simple notification comes out with a short notice for a Lower Mainland Regional Governance Council meeting to select an Interim Lower Mainland Regional Director on five days notice.”

The BC Métis Federation encourages Métis people to attend out upcoming Regional Gatherings being held throughout BC starting this Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at 6:00 PM in Nanaimo at the Coast Bastion Hotel.

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