Foster Child SS Case Resumes Tomorrow

The BC Métis Federation will be with legal counsel and the Métis foster family to stop the wrongful removal of Métis foster child SS at the BC Court of Appeal in Vancouver tomorrow.

Almost 3 years later, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) continues to try to wrongfully remove Métis foster child SS.  MCFD has gone to great lengths to ignore the outrage from our Métis community about this case. A case where MCFD incompetence led to Metis foster child SS forming life long bonds with her Métis foster parents who are from our BC Métis Federation community. It was MCFD’s “system” that delayed original plans to move Métis foster child SS to live with her biological sisters in Ontario. The case has many issues that have been raised:

•  Métis Foster Child SS is a member of the BC Métis Federation and has been for some time
•  The Métis foster parents are members of our Métis community and have been long before this case or our legal involvement
•  Métis child and family agencies rubber stamped adoption approval on an MCFD appointed committee without any engagement with our Métis community
•  The Métis foster family requested to be adoptive parents after Métis foster child SS was left in their care by MCFD well past stated MCFD policy when adoption plans have been envisioned.
•  A recent alleged “independent review” undertaken by MCFD once again made absolutely no attempt to interview our Métis community or consider our cultural interests
•  Plus so much more

The biological parents are now legally fighting to keep their Métis child in British Columbia with the Métis foster family as this is close to their residence.  The fact is our Métis community has been completely ignored contrary to MCFD policy and we intend to fight this case with the Métis foster family to protect the cultural and best interests for SS.

We invite the Métis community to come to the court house in Vancouver tomorrow at 9:30 AM to support the Métis foster family from our community.  Also, watch for updates on Métis Coffee Talk this Thursday evening.

The BC Métis Federation is proud to fight for our members on issues that must be address to protect their rights.

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