Government of Canada Appeal of Daniels Case

Letter sent today…

Honourable John Duncan
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Government of Canada

Re: Government of Canada Appeal of Daniels Case VIA EMAIL

Dear Minister Duncan, The BC Metis Federation writes to express our disappointment with your announcement yesterday that the Government of Canada will appeal the Daniels Case to a higher court thereby delaying further constitutional rights to all Mètis and non status Indians.

Instead of beginning to deal with the situation through negotiations and consultation the Federal Government will once again use Canadian tax dollars to perpetuate more inequity by fighting Métis and non-status Indian people all the way to the Supreme Court. This tactic will present to Canadians bureaucratic “smooth-talk” just as was presented by you in the house yesterday. Specifically you stated the following:

”Mister Speaker the Government of Canada must ensure that programs and services for Aboriginal people are fiscally sustainable. We continue to work in partnership to enhance the economic opportunities for Métis and non status Indian. Given that court decision raises complex issues it is prudent for Canada to obtain a decision from a higher court. After careful consideration Canada has filed an appeal and this case is now before the courts.”

With all due respect Minister, BC Métis Federation has repeatedly proven through written correspondences and facts the mismanagement of economic opportunities for such programs and services for Métis people being delivered by the organization Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC). Unfortunately Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada have chosen to ignore the undeniable facts. Today MNBC continues to politicize and discrimination services and access for millions each year that are contracted allegedly for all Métis people despite the fact MNBC is insolvent and functionally bankrupt organization. Your words to the house contradict on the ground implementation and real results.

In terms of your presentation we strongly disagree with the position taken by the Government of Canada. Appealing will take years of further delays to addressing the needs of Métis and non status Indians. Delays will contribute to further erosion of our cultures, languages, and access to constitutionally protected rights.

On behalf of the BC Métis Federation I urge you to thoroughly review the situation in British Columbia more closely, meet with the BC Métis Federation, and created a new process for constructive dialogue. Forcing these issues through the courts for years is not the way forward.

We welcome an opportunity to meet in the future despite our differences.

Thank you,
Keith Henry, President
British Columbia Métis Federation
Suite 300-3665 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5W2

cc Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Government of Canada
Premier Christy Clark, Province of British Columbia
Honourable Ida Chong, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Honourable Scott Fraser, Critic for Aboriginal Relations
Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Federal Liberal Aboriginal Affairs Critic
Honourable Jean Crowder, NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic
BC Métis Federation Board Members
BC Métis Federation Members

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