Happy Birthday Irene Flett on your 87th!

Irene Flett. McDonald (Nee Charles) World War 11  Metis  Veteran

IreneFlett(NoMNBC)Irene came in this world on a beautiful spring day, she is a grassroots Metis from Fort Vermillion, Alberta.  Dr Hammond came in by dog team to deliver her at a little house in Stoney Point, right along the Peace River.

She attended school till grade 9, but like most country girls she left to pursue a new life in Peace River. Dr Hammond thought she had TB but that was an excuse to help her get out and explore the world. She is eternally grateful to him because from there she joined the Woman’s Canadian Army, which changed her destiny forever.  Irene became a transport drivers and served in the army for 2 years then the war ended. Boy can she ever tell some funny stories about her journey during this period in her life….

Irene married in Henry McDonald in 1947 and had 5 wonderful children. But if you include all the children on the streets, she had a huge extended family.  She worked at the hospital in Peace River for a spell before going into the Army, so it was natural for her to enter into the health field of employment. She  trained at the Edith Cavel as a nurses helper, it was a private hospital for the well to do. This determined lady with good work ethics ended up working at Shoughnesy Hospital for an amazing 24 years.

Irene  is now happily retired in Surrey with 15 grand kids, and 9 great grand kids. One of the greatest things I know about her is she is truly a grassroots Metis and  takes pride for the Culture. She is a member of the Nova Metis Heritage Association and at age 87 years old she well aware of the politics and gets a little pissed at the no accountability to the people.

She always says. “Go BC Metis Federation…”

Beverly Lambert BC Metis Federation

Thank you Irene for all your dedication to the Metis and service to Canada. On behalf of all at the BC Metis Federation. We love you too. Stay young at Heart!!!

Happy 87th  Birthday..

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