Happy New Year

The following letter was sent earlier today from the BC Métis Federation to Métis Communities and People throughout BC…

Dear Métis Communities and People throughout BC;

The BC Métis Federation is wishing Métis people, their families and community board members a happy new year as we enter 2012.

There is no question that the Métis people are seeking a new style of Métis leadership as we head into 2012. I can say this with absolute confidence today as more and more Métis people are signing up for BC Métis Federation membership and organizations are recognizing the legitimate representative role of the BC Métis Federation in the areas of children and families services, justice, etc. Given the BC Métis Federation’s track record of success in our inaugural year, I am confident this trend will continue in 2012 and beyond.

Despite the success of the BC Métis Federation, make no mistake that 2011 was another challenging year for Métis people in BC. Consider another year that showcased the lengths organizations such as the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) will go to manipulate their citizens. There are many examples to illistrate MNBC’s deception; the sudden sale of the property (Métis School owned by MNBC) located at 30691 Simpson Road in Abbotsford, the failed MNBC debt recovery plan, closure of Meet-so Catering Services Ltd, further MNBC financial debt, plus so much more.

The fact is in life, Métis or not, that until people admit mistakes or failures and take responsibility there is nothing you or I can or could have done to support MNBC. In this situation MNBC has made the same errors over and over, never learning from mistakes or taking responsibility. MNBC board members are not truthful about the issues the BC Métis Federation has called them to task for and this lack of public transparency will secure the full demise of the MNBC.

It is on this aspect that I call to each of you as you read this New Year’s note. The BC Métis Federation understands many of you or torn between loyalty to the MNBC and the challenges MNBC confronts today. I urge each of you to remember that our Métis people are not characteristic of a non-profit dysfunctional organization such as the MNBC. Remember MNBC is legally defined in their bylaws and constitution as 11 board members only. Therefore they are legally responsible to pay the millions in debt and solve their self created challenges. I am confident that only then will the 11 MNBC board members realize the gravity of their failures.

I submit that the rest of our Métis people need to start rebuilding through values of supporting our Métis culture and needs of our families first and foremost. Your communities and families need us to move forward now, not wait for the next MNBC self professed solution scheme. We need to come together and show true Métis leadership. Great leaders are defined by their abilities to make difficult but necessary decisions about their future. Your families, communities, and survival of our culture demand this more than ever before.

I can assure Métis people throughout BC that the BC Métis Federation has significant information to carry forward our momentum throughout 2012. We ask each of you during this New Year’s reflection to make your resolution a commitment to move forward with the BC Métis Federation.


Keith Henry


BC Métis Federation

Suite 300-3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5R 5W2


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