Has Meet–So Catering Services Limited Made Major Cuts?

(Vancouver, BC) The British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) has been informed by sources yesterday that major steps were taken last Friday, October 14th with the removal of Meet-So Catering Services Limited Chef Andrew George, Manager Stuart Cadwallader, and another staff member.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “I question the transparency of MNBC in these situations. Is this actually true? If so, was this potential major reduction of key staff to one of the MNBC’s only potential economic development initiatives made public only a few weeks ago at the MNBC Annual General Meeting? ”

BCMF President Keith Henry concluded; “MNBC leaders, consultants, and their management team continue to perpetuate the notion that the MNBC AGM was all positive and everything is going forward just fine, or rather business as usual. MNBC has sent been press releases and made concerted efforts, in my opinion, to spin an MNBC positive message. Meanwhile, if Meet-so has removed key staff then the MNBC board does not appear to be forthcoming and transparent to the people who attended their AGM only a few short weeks ago, that being their own supporters. However, this really comes as no surprise to me. The MNBC has larger overall debt that the reported 2.3 million, they have yet to provide their 2nd quarter debt recovery plan progress report, and MNBC has yet to pay approved youth projects throughout BC. Perhaps MNBC will inform only their select few and ask yourself why are you hearing from the BCMF rather than the MNBC themselves if this is true? Leaders who understand the definition of transparency would know how to provide information.”

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