Historic First Nations and Métis Agreement Signing December 13th, 2012

(Vancouver, BC) –BC Métis Federation is proud to announce and invite Métis from across the province to witness a historic agreement between the majority of First Nations in BC and the BC Métis Federation. On December 13th, 2012 BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry will join a delegation of First Nation leaders in signing the Save the Fraser Declaration.
The Save the Fraser Declaration has over 130 First Nation signatories in support and solidarity against the threat of Enbridge Northern Gateway and all tar sands, oil transportation through the pristine coastal waters and the traditional territories of the Yinka Dene Alliance and the Coastal First Nations. The Yinka Dene have been working hard over the past 3 years to stop the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipeline proposals that would allow transport of bitumen from Alberta. This will cause irreparable damage to First Nation lands and jeopardize their food sources, as well as destroying the non-renewable resources of our sacred waters and salmon. Whether in the north or the south, we are all threatened and we are all connected. The Yinka Dene Alliance has spread the word from BC to the global community and their campaign has been non-stop and hard hitting.

The BC Mètis Federation board passed a unanimous resolution against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project in April 2012 after reviewing the views of Métis people from across the province. Today we know there is a deep frustration regarding Métis organizations, such as the Métis Nation British Columbia, who have signed on in support of the Enbridge project despite having no traditional territorial claims or private lands within the project area.

BC Mètis Federation President Keith Henry said; “This will be a major new achievement for the BC Métis Federation. Métis has not been able to sign many agreements regarding rights based issues with First Nations in British Columbia for a variety of political reasons. On December 13th BC Mètis Federation will take another important step to break down these misunderstandings and show true respect for protocol and First Nations jurisdiction and territories.”

BC Mètis Federation President Keith Henry concluded; “I strongly urge Métis people to consider attending to witness this powerful ceremony and wear your Métis sashes proud on this historic day. Our people have a lot to undo the nonsense unethical Métis organizations have misled the general public, First Nations, and industry.”
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