Honouring Joyce Fisher – Proud Volunteer

(Vancouver, BC) – Joyce Fisher is the spouse of President Ken Fisher of the Nova Métis Heritage Association (Nova) in Surrey. For years Joyce, who is not Métis, has volunteered thousands of hours to support the work of her husband and the membership of Nova. Visitors to the Nova office in Surrey know she is there to welcome anyone, provide information, and ensure the office maintains consistent hours of operation as one of the only Métis community organizations with a store front office in BC.

During the National Aboriginal Day celebration held at Nova on this past Saturday leadership from the BC Métis Federation presented Joyce a special volunteer award recognizing her years of dedication and service to the Métis community. BC Métis Federation leaders including Maxine Lavallee, Tim St. Denis, Joe Desjarlais, and President Keith Henry also presented Joyce an “Honorary Membership” to further recognize the work of such a dedicated and passionate individual.

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “Our leaders discussed options to recognize many individuals throughout BC and Joyce Fisher was front and center for many of us. She truly cares about the Métis people in Surrey and across BC and she simply wants what is best for the Métis people. Her support of her husband and Nova President Ken Fisher is truly admirable. Her sacrifices, efforts, and support do not go unnoticed. Therefore BC Métis Federation wanted to thank her for these reasons and let her know that leadership, including her husband, appreciates everything that she has done for our people.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “It was an emotional moment presenting to Joyce on Saturday for myself as I have known Joyce for years and she is not one to take the spotlight. She was surprised and had no idea this presentation had been planned for some time. However BC Métis Federation recognizes that individuals, such as Joyce, truly contribute to the strength of our Nation and we must take a moment to thank them when we can. Joyce thank you for all you have done and continue to do for Nova and our Nation on behalf of the BC Métis Federation board, partner communities, and our members. I know Nova members in Surrey greatly benefit from your relentless efforts and we all appreciate you.”
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