Idle No More Douglas College – New Westminster

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BC Métis Federation board member Beverly Lambert continued her work with the Idle No Campaign earlier this week. She attended a rally at Douglas College on the 19th which was very productive. More and more, the First Nations are recognizing and saying that Métis and BC Métis Federation should be acknowledged and included. What an honour it was, after so many years, for the First Nations to recognize that although we have different cultures, Metis have also suffered as Aboriginal peoples and that we should walk together from now on. This showed respect for the Métis, and Idle No More is presenting an opportunity for a time of healing and unity.

Beverly also got a photo with New Westminster, NDP Judy Darcy who was in attendance, and celebrating the campaign.

Beverly spoke on behalf of BC Métis Federation and those who knew about the BC Métis Federation and who have been following our struggles through our Facebook page and website were proud that we are standing up against the corruption in the Métis community. Some of the people in attendance said that they were going to join the BC Métis Federation immediately.

Douglas College invited Beverly to an open forum to further discuss Idle No More tonight.

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