Indspire Continues to Discriminate Against Métis – The Irony

(Vancouver, BC) BC Metis Federation has continued to build a strong Métis representative organization for Métis people wanting our leadership and organization to represent their interests. The members of the BC Métis Federation provide genealogical information, completed an objectively verifiable application membership process and are accepted by our Métis community prior to members.

The Federal Government policy of Métis representation through the Métis National Council and their affiliates continues to cause discrimination towards our members. In this latest situation Indspire, which is an organization well known in Canada, continues to use the Federal Government policy to limit who can access their awards, programs and services. BC Métis Federation has attempted to address this issue previously with Indspire but the latest example is a testament to how institutional discrimination exists today.

BC Mètis Federation President Henry stated, “The denial by Indspire as provided in this email from their staff to one of our members is wrong. Indspire is provided millions in public funding from the Government of Canada and as such their programs must be inclusive. Indspire is hurting some of our youngest and brightest members trying to make their lives better. How can this organization think their response is appropriate under any circumstance? We tried to address this issue with clear steps we needed to take to resolve in 2016 but were never provided this information. The fact is this decision is based on Métis identity politics and nothing else.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “Is this the same organization that awarded non-Aboriginal writer Joseph Boyden a few years ago with absolutely no Indigenous connection? This issue that has gripped our Aboriginal people across the country with overwhelming criticism of Mr. Boyden for his unethical action. BC Métis Federation members have all been required to validate and verify their genealogies. They provide our membership card and the Indspire email by their staff clearly says if you are not part of these other organizations you cannot qualify. The irony and contradiction here is tragic and the response by Indspire in completely unacceptable in this time of reconciliation.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “I will be reaching out to the Inspire President shortly to request this matter addressed urgently. BC Métis Federation has standing with various programs and services now as well as recognition within industry and all regulatory processes. We fought hard for this recognition and we fully intend to advocate and fight for our members when such serious injustice is forced on them. What processes did Indspire undertake for validation of awards such as Mr. Joseph Boyden received? Our members deserve fair opportunity and this must stop.”
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