Kinder Morgan Canada Project Update

BC Métis Federation has sent the following letter and information in response to current consultation work. The report provides direct summary information related to a recent employment survey conducted by the BC Métis Federation and the directly impacted members.

Tuesday, May 5th
Gary Youngman
Aboriginal Engagement
Trans Mountain Expansion Project
Kinder Morgan Canada

Re: Follow Up to the Letter of February 11th, 2015 Trans Mountain Expansion Project Employment Opportunities

Dear Gary,

Please accept cover letter and attachments in response to the letter to BC Métis Federation dated February 11th, 2015.

The following items highlight a summary of our activities as background to the attached documents being submitted today:

1. Upon reviewing the membership list it was determined that BC Métis Federation has members in spread 7 (Metro Vancouver area) and spread 5 (Merritt area) were our priority interest.

2. BC Métis Federation initiated follow up with spread 7 as it by far had the most members.

3. The first step of the project was to gather all the information of the members (name, membership number, telephone and email contacts, mailing address and their date of birth).

4. BC Métis Federation identified a new Project Coordinator who contacted members through email contacts and phone.

5. The BC Métis Federation Project Coordinator then reviewed in the specific areas based on working age with a target of 19-67.

6. The BC Métis Federation email membership list is broken down through a regional categorization and then by first name. The hard copy membership files are broken down by last name, however not by region.

7. Once membership status and age were determined the next step for the Project Coordinator was the process of elimination. The BC Métis Federation Project Coordinator combed through the membership list created for the metro Vancouver area and Merritt areas and began to color coordinate names into categories (associate members, members under the age of 19, members over the age of 67, members who were misplaced into the Metro Vancouver. The total number of members in the Metro Vancouver was 225, after the elimination of the mentioned categories it dropped the eligible members for the survey down to 149 (a decrease of 76 members).

8. The BC Métis Federation Project Coordinator finalized a list of 149 members eligible to participate however 65 did not respond.

9. Both calls and emails were made in an attempt to reach each eligible member.

10. Out of the members reached in the metro Vancouver area 28 responded positively with interest in any future possible job opportunities with the pipeline expansion. 56 members in the Metro Vancouver area responded with having no interest.

11. A total of 16 members were eligible in the remaining spreads however only 2 responded with having interest, both were from the Merritt area, while 6 were not interested and 8 were unreachable.

12. For the members who were not interested the reasons varied from some who retired early and have no interest in working anywhere, to others being committed in full time employment where they are not interested in leaving to others were extremely against the idea of the pipeline and the engagement with BC Métis Federation.

13. Some members were advocates of alternative energy while some where studying environmental courses and are anti pipeline.

The large majority of the members contacted by the BC Métis Federation were respectful in displaying their opinions. The BC Métis Federation Project Coordinator felt that the members respected that they were given the chance to express their opinions and that they were contacted regarding the project. Given the extensive work and direct follow up in the impacted spreads BC Métis Federation has attached the results of the employment opportunities review as agreed.

BC Métis Federation encouraged Kinder Morgan Canada and the Trans Mountain team to review the highlights of our project work and consider next steps to support education and training opportunities.

Furthermore we continue to encourage Kinder Morgan Canada to consider new initiatives to provide our members more opportunities to continue project dialogue.

Thank you
Keith Henry

cc Norman Marcy, Aboriginal Engagement Advisory, Trans Mountain Expansion Project 
BC Mètis Federation Board
BC Métis Federation Members

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