Kinder Morgan Canada Responds to BCMF about Civil Suit

BC Metis Federation and Kinder Morgan Canada have engaged in consultation activities. Following the recent media coverage BC Metis Federation asked for a response as to why Kinder Morgan Canada chose to file civil action in the recent protests.

The attached letter in verbatim of the Kinder Morgan Canada response.

Please note KMC agreed to BC Metis Federation sharing their response with our members.

Hi Keith, 

Thank you kindly for your message and advising of the communications you’re receiving. Below are some key messages that I trust will be helpful in responding to your members:

  • On October 30 2014, Trans Mountain filed a Notice of Application seeking an injunction order to prevent protestors from trespassing on Burnaby Lands and obstructing or interfering with Trans Mountain and its agents.
  • The filed Notice of Application will be heard in the British Columbia Supreme Court on October 31 2014 at 2:00 PM.
  • Trans Mountain would prefer to route through Burnaby Mountain in order to minimize disruptions to landowners and highway users. TMEP needs survey access to Burnaby Mountain to ensure that tunneling or drilling through is viable.
  • On October 29 2014, Trans Mountain crews attempted to access multiple locations in Burnaby to set up a safety perimeter in anticipation of our field studies. These crews were met with protestors and were unable to safely set up a working area.
  • Safety has always been our number one priority. We must ensure that our employees, contractors and the public are safe while we conduct our field studies.
  • Our preference is to work cooperatively. But at the end of the day, we are required to complete the studies mandated by the National Energy Board for our regulatory process.
  • We respect the right to peaceful protest, but we will also pursue our legal options to complete the studies required to support our Application.
  • We will undertake studies with as little disruption as possible, and once the studies are completed, we will fully restore or compensate for any areas that we disturb.

If you require anything further, please let us know. 

Best regards, 


Regan Schlecker, M.A.
 Manager, Aboriginal Relations
 Office 604 268.3012
 Cell 778 686.8177
 7815 Shellmont Street
 Burnaby, BC V5A 4S9
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