Largest Métis Community in BC Decides to Work with BCMF

(Surrey, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) President Keith Henry met with the NOVA Métis Heritage Association (NOVA) board members last weekend as follow up to a recent discussion held during the NOVA Annual General Meeting in late August. The result of the meeting this past weekend was that the NOVA board voted by majority in favour of signing a Statement of Cooperation with the BCMF. The signing of the Statement of Cooperation was completed during a small signing ceremony earlier today at the NOVA office in Surrey, BC.

NOVA is believed to be one of the largest Chartered Communities of the thirty five in British Columbia with approximately 500 MNBC citizenship carrying members and an estimated 1500 NOVA members who have yet to apply under the MNBC membership process. NOVA was one of six recognized Métis communities in the Lower Mainland Region (Region 2) under the MNBC governance system.

This was another major step in the rebuilding of the Métis Nation led by the efforts of the BCMF and leadership of NOVA. Today NOVA leaders officially signed a Statement of Cooperation (SOC) with the BCMF and now have agreed to work for Métis cultural, political and government structure that is solely focused on making life better in partnership for Métis families, elders, youth, women, and veterans in the Surrey area.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “Today marks the fourth community to work with BCMF. NOVA joins Kelly Lake, North Saanich, and Vancouver whose leadership has also agreed that the current MNBC structure is not working and a new future must be undertaken. I know this was not an easy decision for the NOVA leaders but I respect their understanding about why BCMF offers the members of NOVA another great support. NOVA members want accountable and transparent Métis leaders in BC. I believe as BCMF developments we can achieve this together. I know this is just the start but the NOVA board was open to hearing the views of BCMF directly and once they reviewed the facts about MNBC mismanagement for themselves and the vision BCMF shared for the future, the majority felt another strategic partner such as the BCMF was needed. I urge other Métis communities to meet with BCMF and review the actual facts for themselves without the current deception. Our vision will prevail and I thank NOVA President Ken Fisher for recognizing this.”

NOVA President Ken Fisher stated; “Today we at Nova Métis Heritage Association are pleased to announce that a Statement of Co-operation has been signed with the BC Métis Federation – in Vancouver. This is an agreement to work toward good open government with this new alternative Métis organization. We are pleased to make this happen for the best interests of all Métis in BC. The failure of the MNBC Board and the Regional Director to communicate and dialogue with our local Métis Association has been very disappointing over the last two years. They need to do more.

Listen to the Métis Matters Radio Show today at 5 PM for more details of this event. CFRO 102.7 FM.”

BCMF President Keith Henry concluded; “BCMF continues dialogue with a number of other Métis communities and looks forward to signing new agreements. Although governments have indicated their recognition of MNBC they must consider and understand that change is inevitable and community like NOVA do believe MNBC does anything meaningful anymore. Hopefully these major decisions will be viewed and respected that Métis people and community leaders are making change for the betterment of our people. ”

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