Leadership Attacks by MNBC Front and Center Once Again

(Vancouver, BC) The British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) founding President Keith Henry was once again attacked by old messages from Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) earlier today in an MNBC Media Distribution {ALL}.

Just when Métis people felt there was more than enough mud to be slung the MNBC, in a sign of complete desperation, released a disrespectful communication once more against the new founding BCMF President Keith Henry. The MNBC communication is full of speculation, allegations, and incorrect statements.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “I guess I should not be surprised to be attacked in such a manner. This says more about them and their character than me. Frankly there is nothing worthwhile to say to defend MNBC’s political attacks. The MNBC issues are created by MNBC leaders and management, not me. Let’s remember that it has been the MNBC themselves that have not properly addressed or answered anything regarding the former CCMC issues. The fact is that when the real questions of accountability get to be too much, they use these old style personal attack campaigns.

BCMF President Henry added; “Their descriptions of old advances that they approved to begin with have been resolved and paid in full. MNBC did not ask for repayment for a year after I left in September 2008 and decided only after the fact to collect when I and other started to ask questions. Once MNBC demanded repayment we began to address. Of course there was disagreement over the final number owed but we reached mutual agreement between legal counsel and it was paid in full by me. Now MNBC described this situation in another manner? Considering this board has overspent my almost 1 million in 2009-2010 and another $500,000 in 2010-2011 I wonder if they will repay money paid to them as individuals knowing full well there was not enough to cover these expenses? This is very unfair but as I said nothing surprises me anymore.”

BCMF President Henry further added; “MNBC leaders who authorized this communication really need to look strongly in the mirror and ask themselves what kind of values they have? They claim that the BCMF is a club, they make numerous personal attacks about myself as having to resign or be terminated, and so on. First the insinuation about inappropriate action with staff is absurd and my letter of resignation is attached along with the MNBC letter accepting my resignation. Please note that I never once disagreed with repaying the advance. I requested a process to finalize when I resigned in September 2008, MNBC disagreed at that time and MNBC never followed upon the repayment until a year later, it is that simple. Second to attack the BCMF as a club is unfair. Our members are growing each day because of this style of MNBC leadership. The fact is MNBC is a club themselves with about 6000 club members. Many today are leaving due to the inability of MNBC to communicate or demonstrate accountable leadership. There is nothing I can do about their inability to be accountable or transparent. Third they now make claims that BCMF uses the term insolvent and bankrupt. That is because they are insolvent according to their own admission. As of March 3st, 2011 the MNBC Debt Recovery Plan confirms a debt of 2.3 million. This means MNBC is insolvent to the tune of 2.3 million, This is not misinformation or self serving and the amount of insolvency as increased at a rate of almost $70,000.00 per month. That is fact and this type of management will lead to bankruptcy and any business person can understand that.”

BCMF President Henry concluded; “This is why the BCMF has taken shape. As the former CCMC there is no doubt that we were hard on the issues but we tried our best not to make personal attacks. Métis people are tired and frankly do not care of this internal fighting. Métis people want their leaders to address policies that affect their health, housing, child and family issues, employment, etc. Most importantly Métis people want Métis cultural support. Remember we offered solutions to the MNBC, including the call for their resignations, through documents such as the Blueprint Document and MNBC Debt Recovery Action Plan Year One. We tried to meet with MNBC and time and time again these individuals refused to be open or meet mocking the former CCMC who were MNBC citizenship card carrying individuals. Many of us judge good leadership by the ability to meet and resolve issues and MNBC has failed that test at each turn. MNBC uses these tactics against those who do not confirm to their thinking. Now they want people to believe their regional meetings will make a difference? As I have stated from the beginning it has been and continues to be MNBC that created the BCMF. I think MNBC excuses of not paying taxes on time, running debt, etc. are over. It is time for MNBC leadership to grow up and start accepting that they have failed their MNBC citizens with poor management, unethical leadership, and political manipulation. I can assure them and all Métis people that the BCMF will make progress and succeed. ”

For more information about the BCMF please go to visit the website at www.bcmetis.com. Remember to watch the next “Coffee Talk” online show live at 7:30 PM @ www.livestream.com/metis.

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