Letter from Province RE: “SS”

Ref 226278

Keith Henry 
BC Métis Federation 
#300 – 3665 Kingsway 
Vancouver, BC V5R 5WT 

RE: Métis child – adoption placement

Dear Mr. Keith Henry:

I have been asked to reply to your letter to the Honourable Minister Cadieux dated January 17, 2016, regarding the adoption placement of a Métis child.

The Child, Family and Community Service Act prohibits the director from disclosing confidential information without consent to individuals except in specific circumstances. Unfortunately, I am not authorized to disclose confidential information about this child to you at this time. This matter is also currently before the court which further restricts the information I can disclose. What I can say is that the director must consider the child’s best interests when making all planning decisions, including placement. I do note that the Métis Commission is aware of this situation and helped develop a cultural safety agreement to ensure the child’s cultural connections are preserved.

I appreciate that you are advocating on behalf of Métis children and I appreciate your concerns for this child.


Alex Scheiber 
Deputy Director of Child Welfare 

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