Long-Term Sustainability Assessment of MNBC Updated BC Métis Federation Financial Review April 2012

Based on the findings from the document BCMF Financial Review September 2011 and newly discovered financial information, the BC Métis Federation continues to provide Métis people and stakeholders an updated version as of April 2012 discussing the predictions for the long-term sustainability of MNBC. It is crucial for MNBC to ensure the long-term sustainable delivery of programs and services for Métis people by responsibly and effectively using funding resources.

Therefore, this report presents an updated analysis of MNBC’s current situation and provides further review in addressing the financial and operational issues facing MNBC in the next few years. The BC Métis Federation continues to confidently state that MNBC is not sustainable, program delivery will be negatively impacted and the continued risk of increased financial insolvency is evitable.

The BCMF Financial Review April 2012 includes the follow topics to outline and better describe our interpretations:

1. Current Ratio & Working Capital
2. Interest and Mortgage Payments
3. Deferred Revenues
4. Administration

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BCMF-Metis-Federation-Assessment-of-MNBC-October-20121.pdf” style=”download”]BCMF Metis Federation Assessment of MNBC October 2012[/ilink]

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