Louis Riel Commemoration – Remembering Louis Riel 130 Years Ago

North Vancouver, BC – BC Métis Federation leadership continued their work to raise public awareness about Métis people and the life of Louis Riel yesterday in North Vancouver. There was a strong turn out to the event held in partnership with the Nova Métis Heritage Association at the Ron Andrews Community Center. The event featured presentations about the exoneration of Louis Riel from Mr. David Doyle, Dr. Paula Sampson. and Dr. Ian MacKenzie. Métis music and dance was showcased by JJ Lavallee, Fagon Furlong, and Rowan and Quinn Pickering.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “Thank you to the members who came out. There was a positive feeling and a real sense of community. I appreciated meeting many new members who wanted to share their family stories.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry added, “Thank you to President Ken Fisher from Nova Métis Heritage Association for agreement to co-host this important event. He was supported by our staff, Sherry Daniels and Métis Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Shauna Benson.”

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry concluded, “Today we remember the wrongful hanging of Louis Riel 130 years ago in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our work to raise public awareness resulted in over 20 British Columbia cities approving proclamations to recognize today as Louis Riel Day directly as a result of our work. This is supported with flag raising in 5 cities and the Provincial Legislature which has never happened before. Many of our Métis community want to see Louis Riel exonerated as true reconciliation for Métis people in Canada and we are going to push to see this achieved.”

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