This BC Métis Federation memorial to Louis Riel is to be held on the historic 130th anniversary of Louis Riel’s wrongful execution. It is dedicated to the reconciliation process. We have invited two of the leading figures in the Anglican Church movement towards reconciliation, Dr. Sampson and Dr. Mackenzie, to join us in our commemoration. As Friends of Louis Riel they are working towards his exoneration and have insight into Louis Riel, the man and his historical role. They will share their many years’ experience in the struggles for recognition of the hereditary rights of Aboriginal nations and peoples. They have also invited the Anglican Bishop of New Westminster to join us. Also, an invitation has gone out to the office of the Roman Catholic Bishop and a Métis priest from that office working on reconciliation.

The goal of this unique event is to commemorate the life and career of the great Métis leader Louis Riel following Métis tradition with story and song, dance and food. The event will be webcast and broadcast on the BC Métis Federation website: www.bcmetis.com/coffee-talk/.

The following day, “Louis Riel Day” (November 16) a letter honouring Riel’s request for an Enquiry into the Career of Louis Riel will be drafted. This letter will be issued as a public call to the new Canadian government to examine Riel’s political career, his “fitted-up” trial and wrongful execution in preparation for a Parliamentary Exoneration of Louis Riel on Canada’s Sesquicentennial – July 1, 2017.

Louis Riel Day Poster 2015. (1)

[ilink url=”http://bcmetis.com/wp-content/uploads/BC-Metis-Federation-Outline-LRD-November-15th-2015.pdf” style=”download”]Click here to download the Louis Riel Commemoration in PDF format.[/ilink]

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