Make It 4 – City of Smithers and Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Joins Opposition To Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project

(Vancouver, BC) Further development has unfolded this week as Smithers town council voted 5-1 against the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project this week. In addition the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District also voted earlier in February against the Enbridge project. They join the City of Prince Rupert and Terrace who have voted against the project as well.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “As we have been accurately reporting the opposition to this project continues to increase each week. This now makes four (4) non-Aboriginal municipal governments in BC who have voted against this project. ”

President Henry added, “The question remains did MNBC sign an equity agreement with Enbridge in exchange for project support and perhaps some resources? MNBC has not answered this question, yet MNBC is co-presenting a forum on Enbridge project economic opportunities in March. Who is paying for this? How much money did MNBC take for this support on this forum? Who is being paid to attend on behalf of MNBC? Will the MNBC leaders once again improperly introduce a resolution to support the Enbridge project at their upcoming Métis Nation Governing Assembly on March 10th and 11th from leaders who clearly do not understand the situation? MNBC has not had any real input from the Métis people of BC in favour of the Project so what is actually unfolding? ”

President Henry concluded, “The BC Métis Federation Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project poll is now completed. We will release a comprehensive overview of the results shortly and the Métis people of BC have taken a strong stand with approximately 500 surveys submitted on only a two week period from all part of BC. Furthermore the BC Métis Federation remains committed to continuing dialogue about this project and will discuss at the upcoming BC Métis Federation hosted Regional Sessions as part of the agenda. We repeat MNBC continues to fail their 6000 members on this issue, they lack the leadership skills to ensure their members support their position and appear to have no understanding of the impacts to relationships with First Nations and other municipal governments. Yes we are proud the BC Métis Federation provides all Métis people of BC a true democratic alternative to address these important issues.”

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