MEDC to Present to National Aboriginal Economic Development Board

Métis Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has been asked by the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board to present on how the work of the British Columbia Métis Federation Economic Development Corporation is advancing Métis economic development outcomes for Métis individuals and entrepreneurs throughout the province of British Columbia. This work connects well with the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board’s priorities of “Promoting the Importance of Indigenous Economic Development” and “Supporting Indigenous Business”.

‘We are very encouraged to see that our endeavours with the Metis Economic Development Corporation is being noticed on a national level.’ says Shauna (Collister) Benson, acting Executive Director for the corporation. ‘A business plan was created by the BC Métis Federation to align with the natural resource projects which are taking place throughout the province. Since inception in July 2015, we have created excellent active partnerships, encouraged more Métis business and Métis communities to come forward to participate and have been able to put competitive bids together for some of the major projects that are out there. Having expanded on the original business plan, we are looking at Agricultural, Clean Technology and Aerospace projects, where we have Métis businesses that are already able to advance in these sectors, and will continue to move on opportunities as they arise or make these opportunities ourselves.’

Keith Henry, President of the BC Métis Federation and Métis Economic Development Corporation Board Chair stated, ‘We needed to find a way to be able to support our communities, our businesses and our culture. There was not a lot of support for this within our framework, so we created a mechanism to help us move forward on community and cultural initiatives, as well as help our Métis entrepreneurs. We worked hard to have BC Métis Federation recognized as an Aboriginal Partner with many of the proponents in the Province and Ms. Benson and the MEDC Board has been able to help us move the corporation to the next level. With the positive outcome of the Daniel’s case, we feel this is yet another positive step forward for ourselves as Métis in the province of British Columbia.’

On May 31st and June 1st, 2016 the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board (NAEDB) will meet at the Songhees First Nation. The Board has recently adopted their 2016-2019 Strategic Plan and will meet to discuss and receive presentations from various organizations regarding the pillars within this plan. This will include discussions on Indigenous Community Readiness, Promoting Indigenous Economic Development and Building the Economic Potential of Lands and Minimizing the Environmental Impacts. For further information on the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board and its activities, please visit their website at: 

Keith Henry, President
BC Métis Federation

Shauna (Collister) Benson, PMP
Métis Economic Development Corporation

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