Message from President Keith Henry: COVID-19

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I am writing today to urge members and our Métis families to be safe and stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember members and families to respect social distancing and remain at home to limit the impacts or spread of COVID-19, especially to the vulnerable Métis elders and individuals with respiratory issues across our Métis communities.

BC Métis Federation has postponed upcoming community meetings and events and we continue to review the impacts of public policies.

BC is now in a state of emergency and there are several hundred affected people. We do not know of any affected Métis members yet and let’s do all we can to remain indoors with family to ensure safety.

Watch for future updates about COVID-19 policy changes. We know many of you are facing the impacts of layoffs and loss of business. Be sure to follow the Federal government announcements to access EI, etc. if needed.

On behalf of our board and staff, we want all of you to remain safe and healthy.


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