Métis Advocate and Community Worker From Williams Lake Says Goodbye to MNBC

(Williams Lake, BC)
There is a growing chorus of Métis people across this province that is lining up to leave the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) as MNBC citizenship card holders. The desire by Métis people to remove any association with the MNBC continues to grow in light of the continuing MNBC dysfunction. Some of the recent MNBC issues are the MNBC support without any proper mandate for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project, increased MNBC debt, illegal MNBC general election actions, and a complete lack of capacity support for Métis communities or their cultural needs.

Mr. Wayne Lucier lives in Williams Lake and has been a recognized Métis leader for years. He has served as the past President of the Cariboo Chilcotin Métis Association (CCMA) and continues today serving as the political advisor to the CCMA board. Wayne is a strong community advocate for youth in Williams Lake and has supported Aboriginal youth for years dealing with many challenging issues. There is no denying his passion and care for his community and dedication to the Métis people.

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “This past weekend I was requested by Wayne to cut up his MNBC citizenship card. When I asked him why he wanted to cut up the MNBC card it was simple, he wants nothing to do with MNBC. It is his honest feelings that MNBC has done absolutely nothing for their community in Williams Lake to meet the needs of the youth or support their capacity. He is frustrated that MNBC has never been accountable and there is no future support to assist their community deal with real issues.”

President Henry added, “Many know CCMA is one of the so-called MNBC Chartered Communities and Wayne himself tried to make changes from within the MNBC. Today he understands that MNBC needs to be immediately removed as a representative organization for Métis people in BC and should be forced into bankruptcy. Wayne understands that Métis communities need to stand together and not support MNBC in any way for another minute to make this happen. This is one way Wayne and anyone else can take action to make your statement known. Wayne encourages all other Métis community leaders and existing MNBC citizenship card holders to terminate their membership or community agreements with MNBC. The MNBC has become a national embarrassment and the story is yet to be truly told until the financial facts are all revealed.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Thank you Wayne for showing leadership and entrusting me to carry out your request. You now join hundreds of other Métis people who want nothing more to do with the MNBC in light of so many MNBC created issues. I have attached a copy of your cut up card and I know through our mutual work at the BC Métis Federation we can rebuild.”

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