Métis Building Relationships at National Aboriginal Economic Leadership Summit

(Osoyoos, BC) – BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry continues his work on a number of projects and initiatives. This week he attended the 2013 National Aboriginal Economic Leadership Summit where he played a role as a co-facilitator as well as presented on a panel where he shared his views on Métis land acquisition/repatriation. He joined a number of prestigious First Nation and Métis panel speakers. This included Métis lawyer from Aboriginal Peoples Law Dr. Bruce McIvor.

BC Metis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “I am seeing a real shift between First Nations and Métis relationships in BC as we recognize and better understand how we can work together to support economic opportunities for our respective communities. This conference brought together approximately 150 of the most successful Aboriginal leaders from across the country and the solutions and messages were similar. We need to have good governance, membership support, strong leadership, strong financial controls, transparency, and the ability to create relationships.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “It was an honour to speak and present at this National Conference. I focused the presentation on the BC Métis Federation by sharing some of our vision and the importance of the historic Métis community in Kelly Lake and the work of the Kelly Lake Métis Settlement Society. The historic use of the land and current land stewardship by KLMSS is a good example to support the need to resolve Métis land repatriation although today their asserted territory is largely being ignored. In addition the two (2) Métis settlements from Alberta, including Kikino and Buffalo, had representatives attending who are the only legislated land base Métis in Canada.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Following the presentation I had several First Nation leaders speak candidly to me regarding their concerns about the future in terms of Métis land acquisition or repatriation. I stressed that this issue supported the need for Métis and First Nation leadership to come together in the future and reach protocol agreements to find solutions rather than allowing industry or governments to divide us. I hope in time Métis and First Nation leaders continue the dialogue to find solutions that benefits all future Aboriginal economic opportunities.”

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