Métis Coffee Talk Tonight at 7:30 PM – An Interview with Dave & Margarite

Tonight on Métis Coffee Talk, BCMF President Keith Henry speaks with Dave & Margarite as they share their heart breaking adoption story.

On October 2010, Dave & Margarite were approached by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to foster a 2-day-old baby boy with global deficiencies and the “guaranteed possibility” that they could adopt him out at the age of 12 and that he would remain with them for all these years. The baby changed hands after ten months from MCFD to the Delegated Agency, Knucwentwecw Society (KS).

Their dream of adopting the baby soon became a nightmare. They invested all their energy in their quest in advocating his needs and concerning deficiencies as they surfaced which was viewed by KS as a non-strengthening approach to fostering and for removing the baby from their loving, devoted, permanent home to a “traditional Aboriginal” home of a single mother with no vehicle or resources to meet the baby’s ever increasing needs.

Dave & Margarite invested five years of their lives in him and refuse to give up. Join them tonight as they speak more about their story.

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