Métis Community in North Central BC Has Had Enough

(Vancouver BC) North Cariboo Métis Association (NCMA) President Tony Goulet President took a strong stance today, on behalf of the Métis members in the Quesnel area, be submitting a letter that NCMA will not participate at the upcoming Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) 14th Annual General Meeting being scheduled September 23rd – 25th in Abbotsford, BC.

NCMA President Goulet stated clear that; “Please take notice that no one from the North Cariboo Metis Association will be available to attend the AGM in September. Also be advised that no one is to be appointed or act as a representative for our association at this AGM. No expenses are to be paid for anyone claiming to act or appointed to act on our behalf or vote on our behalf at this AGM.”

NCMA President Goulet added; “We are making a request now for a full financial statement of expenses of the MNBC as well as a statement of expenses paid pertaining to this AGM, including travel and accommodations for delegates, representatives, government officials, and all voting and non-voting members who attended this meeting. Also, please send us the official minutes of this meeting as soon as they are available.”

BCMF President Keith Henry issued an immediate response to NCMA President Goulet that read;

“I applaud your statements and clarification regarding your community representation. As you see MNBC has started now to dictate who can represent communities according to their last letters to NOVA and VMCS. These communities are both very upset and meeting to address how what logical next steps will need to be taken.

I would also strongly encourage all Métis Chartered Communities to demand a copy of the 2010-2011 MNBC Financial Statements as well as any financial statements of the Métis School in Abbotsford along with the information you have requested in your letter. Remember MNBC themselves stated the debt was $2.3 million as of March 31st, 2011. This is major challenges but worse yet, we believe the debt will be stated as more than $2.3 million once the MNBC 2010-2011 financial statements are presented. This will be another glaring example of MNBC board and management incompetence, mismanagement and other issues that we are addressing next week.

Please know that BCMF welcomes any chance to present our concerns and vision for the future should your board and members be interested. We also welcome a chance to have MNBC representatives in the room to discuss the issues with your community members. Congratulations to you and your board for signaling to the MNBC that NCMA have had enough.”

BCMF President Keith Henry added; “I truly hope the other 35 Métis communities throughout BC that have signed a Charter Agreement with the MNBC read this letter from NCMA carefully. NCMA is not stating they support BCMF but rather wants MNBC to accountable. BCMF respects their decision. MNBC accountability has been BCMF’s primary objective from the start. All Métis community leaders, including the MNBC, are to do what is best for the people. That means putting the needs of our grassroots people and communities first and NCMA is declaring that is their focus. When the facts come out BCMF is confident this MNBC board spent approximately another $700,000 in 2010-2011 while continuing to run up the organizational debt.”

BCMF President Henry Concluded; “I hope Métis people and all community leaders realize MNBC continues to create this through their lack of public accountability, disregard for community processes, and continued refusal to address proper debt recovery. BCMF has been invited to meet with the Vancouver community September 3rd to discuss the MNBC situation and we fully intend on being there. MNBC President Dumont has declined to attend.”

Keith Henry


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