Metis Connect Workshops Go Back to School!

(Vancouver, BC) The Metis Connect Workshops developed by the BC Mètis Federation returned to Trinity Western University (TWU) on October 29 to a warm welcome by TWU professors and students.

BC Mètis Federation board member Mr. Joe Desjarlais was invited by Dr. Matthew Etherington to the School of Education in their inaugural course entitled “Indigenous Issues in Education”. Joe also presented to historian Dr. Bruce Shelvey’s class entitled “Canadian-First Nations Relations”, in the Department of Geography, History, and Political and International Studies.

Metis Connect author and facilitator Joe Desjarlais stated, “I was honored to be invited back to Trinity Western University, my own alma- mater in the history and education departments. In Dr. Shelvey’s history class, I shared openly my own story about my journey to Metis identity, weaving together a story of my own family history and linking these stories to past and present events in Canadian history and politics.”

Joe Desjarlais concluded, “I was privileged to present two further workshops for students in their last years of study for teacher training. The challenging questions and discussions by the pre-service teachers indicated to me that that they are deeply thinking about their future role as teachers in our schools. They are concerned that their curriculum and learning environments make a meaningful impact, where Metis people, communities, and values are included and affirmed as a shared component in this province at all levels of education.”
For more information and to book a future presentation, please email Joe for more information.

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