Métis Cultural Event Continues to Showcase Increasing Support

(Sechelt, BC) The BC Métis Federation and Vancouver Métis Citizens Society (VMCS) have continued to work together to serve the cultural and socio/economic interest of their members in the Vancouver area since an agreement was signed in September 2011.

SMBCMFVMCSBC Métis Federation is a provincial umbrella Métis representative organization that continues to work with partner community organizations such as VMCS. One of the most significant needs to immediately address has been support for Métis culture. Therefore BC Métis Federation and VMCS began dialogue approximately two months ago to plan a Métis cultural gathering reaching other VMCS members outside of the immediate Vancouver area. VMCS represents approximately 800 members with many from the Sunshine Coast. The result was a Métis cultural gathering event held Saturday, March 15th, 2014 in Sechelt.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated; “The event was an amazing success. There was a great turn out with over 75 who attended this cultural gathering. Our BC Métis Federation Cultural Ambassador Beverly Lambert was amazing; teaching jigging, dance steps, and making sure everyone had fun. It was also great to have George and Terry Goulet attend and provide a short Métis historical review.”

Vancouver Métis Citizens Society President Ron Paradis stated; “Today’s party was very successful , thank you Beverly Lambert, Keith Henry Judith Thibault Joan Thibault, Lori Thibault Winn, George &.Terry Goulet, Maxine & Phil Lavallee ,Daryl Piper, Joe Desjarlais, Warren Bell and all the VMCS members. I also recognize many of the BC Métis Federation board members convoyed from the mainland. Finally thank you to the volunteers that helped including the people in our community and teachers from our schools who took time to learn about our community. As President of the VMCS, it was very important for people to learn about what the Metis culture is about, our creator has brought us together for a reason and it was all positive.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded; “BC Métis Federation and our community leaders continue to lead by example using our own energy and volunteerism while other organizations in BC pretend to represent Métis people. This event was a major success and is yet another example of the significant growth in support and commitment to work with the BC Métis Federation and our vision for a better future for our Métis people in BC. One that includes the community and makes culture a priority. We have much more exciting events in store across British Columbia in the coming months.”

For more information about the upcoming Métis cultural events go to the BC Métis Federation website @ www.bcmetis.com.

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