Métis Federation of Canada – November 14, 2013

BC Metis Federation congratulates the Metis Federation of Canada in their recent press release.

Press Release: For the first time in history, Métis people from coast to coast to coast are coming together as one to honour our culture, Aboriginal roots, our diversity and our history. For the first time in history, governments will not dictate who is Métis and who can belong to our Métis family.

The artificial borders that governments have drawn to keep us apart are being removed. Over the years, courageous Métis have worked to insure that we maintain our identity. We know who we are. We are the children of at least one Aboriginal Ancestor. Their blood flows through us. Their rights live on through us. Through technology, we Métis can now stand united as one. We now have the means to share our stories and our dreams. We now have the means to stand up and be counted. We now own ourselves. As of this day, the Métis Federation of Canada invites all Métis people to join in one great family.

The Métis Federation of Canada will recognize, represent and support all Métis people. We will not be divisive. We will include all. We know our rights and we understand the responsibility we have to our children. Throughout our diverse and rich history, we Métis have always lived under oppressive governments that have worked to divide and conquer us. We have learned much and are now prepared to join hands with our Métis brothers and sisters from coast to coast to coast. We are now in a position to open our hearts and our door to all our brothers and sisters – to all Métis people. We are now a family united: the Métis Federation of Canada.

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