Metis Identity Paper

BC Metis Federation Joe Desjarlais has co-authored an academic paper entitled “The Promise and Possibility of Being Métis in Canada: Practicing Proximity and Living in Translation”.

The present state of Metis identity politics in Canada is a quagmire with roots in colonial history. These issues tend to erupt every few years in local or national policy flash points or leadership crises and continue unresolved.

In the recent inaugural Metis identity symposium, Metis writer Joe Desjarlais has partnered with Canadian historian Dr. Bruce Shelvey to identify some of these obstacles. They invite people to explore an alternative approach to the status quo. Joe and Bruce are now releasing their research paper from this event for discussion purposes. In it, Joe situates his own family’s history amidst the larger Canadian narrative. Whether you agree with their ideas or otherwise, the authors value your feedback.

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