Métis Land and Life Project – BC Métis Federation Terrestrial Study – Project Brief

What is the purpose of this land-use study you call the “Métis Land and Life Project”?

The Métis Land and Life Project will gather knowledge about contemporary and historical Métis land use in, around, and along the TransMountain Pipeline Extension (TMX) corridor in B.C. The TMX is owned by the Canadian government and they are required to consult with all indigenous peoples and to consider the impacts that the project will have on their way of life. The BC Métis Federation, on behalf of its membership, received funds from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) to study and report back on the short and long-term impacts of the pipeline construction and on-going operation. Our goal is to clearly show that BC Métis Federation members have an on-going interest in using the lands and resources along the TMX corridor.

Where is the TMX corridor and how will it impact me?

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