Métis Meeting in Terrace Kicks Off Reconciliation Project

(Terrace, BC) BC Métis Federation leadership and project team members attended the first Reconciliation Project meeting in Terrace this past weekend with partners Skeena River Métis Community Association (SRMCA). The meeting provided an opportunity to share Métis culture and share information about the new project launched in partnership between the BC Métis Federation and the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation (MIRR).

BC Métis Federation and MIRR have agreed to a survey document to understand how Federation members and partner organizations define reconciliation with the Province of BC. Terrace was the first of five (5) key community-based meetings which will be held throughout British Columbia between August – October.

The surveys are all on a volunteer basis and information will be rolled up into a report which reviews views on Métis governance, health, child and family services, education, culture and other key issues. The BC Metis Federation process will ensure no personal information will be shared but only the collective views of members responses to the survey questionnaire.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “Thank you to the members and guests who asked numerous questions about the survey and importance of this new project. This project demonstrates that new relationships being formed by the BC Métis Federation with the Province of British Columbia. This is an extremely important project to ensure the voices and views of BC Métis Federation members are understood for all future reconciliation efforts by MIRR and the Province of BC.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “We look forward to seeing members and friends in Prince George on this coming week as our team is there Wednesday, August 15th and we are supporting the Métis music cultural celebration starting August 17th. This is critical to future considerations for our members in Prince George.”


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