Mètis Nation British Columbia General Election Continues to be a Bust

(Vancouver, BC) The BC Mètis Federation has continued efforts to call on the Federal and Provincial governments to take action in light of the recent handling of the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) General Election scheduled for September 15th, 2012. BC Mètis Federation has proven the manner in which the current MNBC Chief Electoral Officer was approved was illegal and the entire MNBC election will be conducted without proper legal authority. As a result BC Mètis Federation has recommended to governments through previous correspondences that action should include suspending funding to the MNBC as they are not publicly accountable and the issues of mismanagement and loss of community support for MNBC to claim they represent all Mètis people in BC is growing each day.

The BC Mètis Federation has continued to raise Métis public awareness about the MNBC mismanagement and lack of proper Métis representation due to the growing issues, the current upcoming improper MNBC General Election is just the most recent. Despite the clear undemocratic processes within MNBC the Federal and Provincial governments have continued to take the position that only the MNBC is the recognized provincial Métis organization in BC. Today we know this is not true and the MNBC General Election should provide ample evidence.

The improperly appointed MNBC Chief Electoral Officer released a listing of the MNBC General Election candidates as August 19th and here are a few highlights for the 25 positions up from elections:

1. Only three of 25 positions require a election vote
2. Of the seven MNBC geographic regions within BC, three had no one interested in running as an MNBC Regional Director. This represents almost half of the province
3. Of the 25 potential positions, 10 had no candidates. This is almost half of the positions that were available.
4. Plus much more.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “The message is clear that Mètis people have lost confidence and interest in the MNBC and want no part of the MNBC to represent them any further. The Métis people are voting by their feet and it appears their message is clear as they are walking away from the MNBC each and every day.”
BC Mètis Federation President Henry added, “Frankly this comes as no surprise and is a direct result of MNBC mismanagement and no communications. Current MNBC President Bruce Dumont has proven he will run again despite numerous public claims he was not. He is likely still on payroll and will benefit from a wage while running his campaign. His last four years have shown he cannot build MNBC and in fact the MNBC is truly collapsing under his direction. He must be quite proud of his legacy! He showcased that no matter what the majority of Métis people think he would support his ideals rather than their views as a leader. Consider his leadership stance on behalf of MNBC to support the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project, the purchase of a school, the failed MNBC debt recovery plan, kicking out three of his board members, and so much more. His leadership has been a major reason why the MNBC today has really collapsed.”

BC Mètis Federation President Henry concluded, “Last week another Métis Chartered Community working with MNBC in Williams Lake decided they were not going to have a polling station and I am informed other community organizations are following suit. The MNBC regions of Vancouver Island, North East, and North Central Regions will not even elect an MNBC Regional Director. The MNBC provincial youth and women’s committees have no representation in over half the province. I wonder what more it will take for the Federal and Provincial governments and their departments to seriously address the years of MNBC mismanagement that caused this? I wonder when a full forensic investigation of the MNBC will take place to hold MNBC individuals responsible for years of MNBC misspending. MNBC clearly no longer represents a significant number of Métis people in BC and I question when governments will finally allow the Métis people to rebuild and better serve the communities and our people. This MNBC General Election has already failed and the three positions up for voting will have very few people interested throughout BC. The BC Mètis Federation will continue our efforts to drive a new grassroots movement to ensure the voice of all Métis people are not lost. We do not have to be victims of MNBC any further.”

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