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(Vancouver, BC) The BC Mètis Federation continues to move forward with increasing support throughout British Columbia. The evidence is through increasing membership, new agreements on the horizon with many Métis organizations currently being negotiated with announcements soon, and a renewed focus on Métis culture which has been undertaken through numerous events throughout this past summer.

MNBC recently posted an updated newsletter and the articles paint a positive picture, with the exception that according to MNBC President Bruce Dumont the Métis National Council is facing major financial challenges. The MNBC Executive Director carries on the notion that the administrative functions are positive. Yet MNBC has yet to release their 2012-2013 financial statements to the public, although MNBC committed to completing this though a signed agreement with the Federal Government in April 2013 to post within 120 days of fiscal year end. The MNBC fiscal year end is March 31st and as such this timeline for MNBC to post financial statements has passed at the end of July.

Last week the BC Métis Federation posted a press release about MNBC being in default once again with the administration of their programs and services, specifically the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS). Individuals have been contacting BC Métis Federation to assist, clarify and advocate. According to an MNBC representative here is the reason why MNBC cannot pay this particular approved student invoice:

Email sent August 15th:

Hi Keith, I received a call Tuesday from a Betty Fisher at MNBC and she said that they are waiting for the funds to be released by Service Canada. She stated that no funds had been released for April, May, June or July. I can only imagine the situation a lot of people like myself are in. This is all new to me as we have never used the Metis for funding before. I sure hope this gets solved quickly.

Thanks (Name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “MNBC has every right to have their club and members but their propaganda and half truths prove how unethical this organization and their management are. If MNBC has not received funds for 4 months why is there no information being sent to clients who were approved last fiscal year? I suspect there are serious questions about how ASETS money has been advanced to MNBC in 2012-2013 and where it is spent. Furthermore, why did MNBC staff approve funds if they were not available? So many questions but only MNBC can answer which to date they have chosen to remain silent. ”

BC Métis Federation President Henry further added, “The issues BC Métis Federation has raised regarding MNBC are not new. Nothing has changed for years. MNBC is still extremely poorly managed, their MNBC members really do not know what is going on and innocent students and other individuals pay the price each time through these actions. MNBC writes newsletters and propaganda and no where do they suggest there is an issue with the ASETS program or cash flow issues. How many others are affected? Now we hear that MNBC representatives are telling their supporters the school may be sold after years on the market. If this is true how much was/is the sale and to whom? How much have they lost in total and did they make the millions boasted about in 2009 when the purchase and millions borrowed was done by the MNBC board alone and no mandate or resolution from the members? Why the MNBC secrecy and who cares what BC Métis Federation will do or say if their actions are so defendable? MNBC’s actions through their leadership and staff continue to be deceptive, nontransparent, and behind closed doors thereby creating their own mess. MNBC leaders and management use excuses and blame others for anything and everything one can imagine yet year after year nothing changes and the MNBC financial, governance, and program and service delivery dysfunction continues. No one at MNBC ever takes responsibility for their own matters and that is what is most unfortunate. A year after their most recent election it is still that same worn out, broke, insolvent, and dysfunction society and I feel sorry for the students who once again had their tuition held from funding by MNBC that MNBC likely had advanced and should have been able to immediately pay.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “Despite these issues we are giving all Métis people hope for a better future. We have done more to promote Métis culture this summer than ever before in BC. We are advocating for Métis rights and we are in several negotiations for new initiatives in the near future. However, I can assure our members and partners that when it comes to Métis rights or any injustice against Métis people or families, including MNBC, we will be the first to speak up. BC Métis Federation has become the leading Provincial representative Métis organization in BC because we stand up and be counted; we say what needs to be stated to ensure your voice is heard. Organizations such as MNBC only care about themselves and this latest example proves that MNBC has not learnt a thing and will never change.”

For more information about the BC Métis Federation please view the website at www.bcmetis.com.

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