Métis Nation Protocol and Governance and Finance Accountability Accord

(Vancouver, BC) The Métis National Council (MNC) and their governing members (defined as the following five (5) organizations; Métis Nation British Columbia, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, Manitoba Métis Federation, and Métis Nation of Ontario) announced the signing of two agreements last week entitled “Métis Nation Protocol and Governance and Accountability Framework.”

The agreements establish a five (5) year time table and define the terms of governance, accountability and focus on specific constructive areas of interest such as lands and resources, harvesting rights, economic development, health, child and family services, housing, and justice and policing. BC Métis Federation President Keith Henry stated, “These recent agreements symbolize the challenges Métis people face today across Canada. Once again the Federal Government assumes the Métis National Council represents all Métis people from Ontario westward. This is not true because of the overwhelming lack of meaningful participation in the governance process for grass roots Métis people in these organizations. The Métis National Council and many of their governing members have been around for decades spending millions with no real results for the average Métis person, not to mention the fact there are Métis people outside of the boundaries of their imaginary homeland.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry added, “While I welcome the increased public accountability indicated in the agreements many of the Métis people know this is far too late. Many of these organizations are facing serious financial sustainability issues. In British Columbia the Métis Nation British Columbia is insolvent and functionally bankrupt so how will posting their financial statements within 120 days of their fiscal year make a difference now as they have hidden from true public accountability for years? In BC the former Coalition of Concerned Métis Citizens and now the BC Métis Federation made over 150 attempts through letter to the Federal Government to demand this accountability so in our view it is too little too late. The Métis National Council has been no different and even if statements are posted, this organization has proven for years that any real questions will be ignored.”

BC Métis Federation President Henry concluded, “The Federal Government needs to recognize that Métis National Council and their governing members, which are essentially nonprofit entities without any legislation, do not represent all Métis people. There is a large movement speaking and reorganizing across the country to ensure the hundreds of millions of tax payer money can achieve real results for all Métis people in the future. Unfortunately these latest agreement demonstrate a real lack of awareness about how Métis people feel about the abilities of these dysfunctional organizations. This approach limits who is Métis, who can access services, and who speaks for all Métis people and this is fundamentally wrong. Many of us will continue to work to correct in order to create a new constructive dialogue with all governments.”

For more information about the please go to the BC Métis Federation website www.bcmetis.com.

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