Metis Pavilion Fusion Festival July 20th and 21st Surrey, BC

The BC Metis Federation and partner community Nova Metis Heritage Association continue the Summer of Culture campaign by providing the second Metis Pavilion this summer at the Fusion Festival in Surrey on July 20th and 21st.  This will include flying Metis flags in the Fusion event parade, hosting a Metis pavilion where people can get information or learn about the Metis, and a Metis cultural dance performance on the stage for event guests.

The Michif Historical and Cultural Preservation Society will also attend and provide information for the Metis pavilion.

Fusion Festival brings out tens of thousands over the two day celebration of multiculturalism in Surrey, where there is a substantial Metis population.

Thank you to Nova Metis Heritage Association and all volunteers planning to assist to bring Metis culture once again to the Fusion event.  Be sure to come out and support Metis recognition and culture.
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