MÉTIS RIGHTS MATTER – Why Louis Riel Needs to be Exonerated

By George and Terry Goulet

“We are independent Métis historians, authors, public speakers, and advocates for justice and equal rights for all Indigenous Peoples from sea to sea to sea. Among the books, chapters of books, and articles that we have written is our 1999 book The Trial of Louis Riel: Justice and Mercy Denied. Louis Riel was put on trial and executed under a 534 year old English Statute for High Treason.

Among other matters this book provides a critical legal analysis of the charges under this archaic law, and other statutes, and case law. The conclusion from our fully documented extensive research was that at the time of his trial the charges under that ancient Statute were inapplicable in Canada. Consequently Louis Riel was wrongfully charged, wrongfully tried and wrongfully executed. In order for Canada to rectify this travesty of justice Louis Riel must be exonerated.

George is a retired lawyer and has a Master of Laws degree majoring in constitutional law, and Terry is a retired legal editor of an international legal publishing firm.

A coalition has been formed of Métis groups in Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia calling for the federal government to exonerate the iconic Métis leader Louis Riel. Among these organizations is the Union nationale metisse du St. Joseph du Manitoba, founded in 1887 by among others Louis Riel’s Brother Joseph and George Goulet’s great grandfather Pierre Delorme who had been a member of Louis Riel’s Provisional Government. George’s great-uncle was the Métis Martyr Elzear Goulet, who was stoned to death in 1870 for his involvement in the Red River Resistance.”

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