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(Vancouver, BC) British Columbia Métis Federation (BCMF) representatives have reached another important agreement this week. The Métis Veterans Association of BC (MVA-BC) as association that represents a number of Métis veterans who are located throughout the Province. MVA-BC has been a legal society for years and prides itself on support for individual members who deal with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and various programs VAC administers for Métis veterans.

MVA-BC is an independent Métis organization in British Columbia. MVA-BC has been built by proud Métis veterans who have served their country and support the Métis people when requested. Their decision to move forward was based on the recognition by the BCMF that a MVA-BC representative will play a role in the future on the BCMF board to ensure Métis veterans have a real voice at the provincial table.

BCMF President Keith Henry stated; “I am so pleased that BCMF and MVA-BC have agreed to work together. MVA-BC President Ducharme and I have had our differences over the years but we both understand and agree that working together creates a better future for BCMF and their MVA-BC members. Our board has agreed that the MVA-BC veterans need to have a seat at the BCMF board table to ensure they have meaningful input into future BCMF work. We have witnessed Métis veterans paraded like showpieces by Métis organizations throughout Canada but the veterans deserve and need a real voice at the table. The veterans know their challenges when dealing with Veterans Affairs Canada and who better to help guide the BCMF and their members than the veterans themselves. It is time to have a real voice and BCMF recognizes and respects this. ”

MVA-BC President Bob Ducharme stated; “At long last, Métis Veterans Association of British Columbia is teaming up with British Columbia Métis Federation as we move forward with a sense of dignity and pride of being Métis citizens having served our Country and its people through service and wars to defend its freedoms and liberties. We look forward in continuing to seek and identify all Métis Veterans in BC. Only then can we can assist them through the processes they are confronted with from time to time. We also remain focused in enhancing our rich and colorful Métis cultural heritage that our ancestors have entrusted to us to pass on.”

BCMF President Keith Henry concluded; “BCMF continues discussions with other Métis communities and service delivery organizations throughout BC. I expect to make a number of new announcements shortly.”

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