Mètis Veterans Honoured Diamond Jubilee Medal – Mètis Veteran and Elder Noel Poitras

(Vancouver, BC) The Canadian Aboriginal Veterans Association President Richard Blackwolf arranged a presentation for the Diamond Jubilee Medals to two Aboriginal veterans earlier today. One of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals was awarded to Metis Veteran and elder Noel Poitras from Surrey and who has been active with the Nova Metis Heritage Association, one of the BC Mètis Federation partner communities. This ceremony was held in Vancouver at the BC Regiment – Beatty Street Drill Hall with about 200 delegates in attendance including other Mètis veterans such as Joy Ward, Larry Arkell, and Nova President Ken Fisher. BC Mètis Federation board member and cultural ambassador Beverly Lambert was also in attendance to show support for Noel. The Diamond Jubilee Medals are presented in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary (1952 – 2012) of Her Majesty’s Accession to the Throne and signed by the Governor General of Canada. In granting of this honor the recipients are recognized for dedicated service to their peers, community and Nation.

BC Métis Federation President Henry stated, “This was such an honour to have the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans Association President Mr. Blackwolf continue his good work and support to ensure that this prestigious award was possible to a proud Mètis veteran during today’s event. Thank you so much Richard and I was proud to show support to Noel and his family in attendance. Noel was deeply honoured and it was great to see him with his Mètis Sash on with pride. Thank you Noel for all you have done for our community and family.”

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