Metis Youth Transition to Urban Life Project Update

November 25, 2016 

The purpose of this project is to create a web-based tool that enhances, improves, and measures the success of Métis Youth who are transitioning from rural to urban settings. Success means participation in the economy.

Questions we are looking to answer 

1. Are Métis youth being employed moving from Rural to Urban areas?
2. How long before youth are employed?
3. What is their level of education and training before their transition? During and after their transition?
4. What resources/supports do they access before, during and after their transition to urban life?
5. What resources/supports are available?

The Team 

BC Métis Federation with Métis Economic Development Corporation and the BC Métis Federation Consultation Office worked to put this proposal together.

BC Métis Federation is the contract holder for this Project and will support with the daily administration of this project, including reaching out to members and non-members.

Métis Economic Development Corporation will have a key role in helping to manage this project, helping to set its timelines, working out the methodology (how this work will be carried out), ensuring the tools (interview questions, surveys etc.) meet the needs of the project purpose and that the communities are engaged.

KSDavison & Associates will be acting as the primary sub contractor carrying out the interviews, data collection, working with the individuals and communities to find the correct balance and achieve the end result. KSDavison & Associates is 100% Métis owned.


1. Create Responsive Communications Plan.
2. Identify, list and stratify stakeholders.
3. Reach out to Métis Communities, members and Non-Members to identify 50 Métis youth who have moved in the past five (5) years from a rural community to an urban centre. Specifically, Greater Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George.
4. Engage with youth to understand their transitions and answer the questions listed above.
5. Reach out to five (5) industry partners within those five (5) urban centres to see how they hire, and garner opinions on best practices for hiring Aboriginal youth specifically, Métis youth.
6. Reach out to program supports and find out how they work with Métis youth
7. Collect and review primary and secondary (eg. published literature, government sources) data/information sources.
8. Design and conduct a resources landscape scan/database (eg. what resource are available to Métis Youth, and are they culturally safe, etc.)
9. Facilitate youth input into web-tool look and feel, branding, and content.
Current progress 

What we are working on

● Initial news release- completed
● Developing standard letters to stakeholders
● Developing invitation letter to partner communities
● Constructing a project information webpage
● Developing social media releases
● Developing a stakeholder engagement plan
● Requesting promotion through community partners/stakeholders
● Research methods and plan

November 3rd, 2016- Workplan and Roles defined as per approved proposal from Federal Government.

November 18th, 2016- Budget and Cashflow as per approved proposal form Federal Government.

November 23rd, 2016- News Release sent out
– Social media

December 10th, 2016- Information web page created on BCMF site

December 10th, 2016- Letter sent out to Métis Communities, industry and partner groups-
Call to action

December 15th, 2016- Review of secondary data; Creation of questions and protocol for  Youth engagement

January 31st, 2017 – Analysis of data to date
– Draft creation and testing of web tool
– Input data from Youth

February 28th, 2017- Finalization of Tool design

March 31st, 2017- Testing, perfecting and official launch and maintenance of of web tool

April 30th, 2017 – Final Report
Unaudited Statement of Revenues and Expenses

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