MFC and AFN Chiefs December 2014

MFC Liaison attends the Assembly of First Nations Special Chiefs Assembly in Winnipeg

Bob Stevenson, the Métis Federation of Canada Liaison for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis met with the Chiefs, their spouses, youth, women and other members, staff and supporters last week Dec. 9th to 12th at the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly where Perry Bellegarde was elected the new National Chief of the A.F.N.

Armed with ideas from other MFC members, Bob spoke with a number of the large group of delegates at this important event, 461 of whom were Chiefs from all across Canada. Bob has a long history of working with First Nations, Inuit and the Métis, and knew that taking the initiative to attend the Assembly would provide important opportunities to speak with the leaders face to face. Some voiced concerns over working with some Métis organizations. By being there in person to have those conversations, Bob helped lay the foundation for future discussions between the MFC and First Nations leaders.

“They were hopeful and glad to hear about us wanting to work closer now all across this great land of theirs now called Canada. Especially when I told them that most of us would like to see our own Métis specific federal and provincial departments to be established, managed by our own Métis people throughout. The new National Chief along with other Regional and local Chiefs are open to meeting with us which will hopefully lead to a Protocol Agreement that recognizes how we all can work together as First Nations, Inuit and Métis for all people.”

The MFC would like to congratulate Chief Bellegarde and start discussions soon on how we can support each other for the benefit of all aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Another critical step in uniting Métis and building bridges with our First Nations cousins – a big thanks to Bob for getting the ball rolling.

Robert Pilon President, Métis Federation of Canada
Phone: 905-409-5843

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